Sr. Jazz Band Performance and information about hoodie order.

Earlier this week Sr. Jazz Band completed their end of octet performance. The video for that performance can be found here (video will remain up until Friday, March 12th):

During Octet 5 Sr. Jazz Band also recorded for MusicFest Canada. MusicFest is the national competition for high school music and only bands that have been invited to compete may submit a recording. Sr. Jazz Band will be competing against the top high school Jazz Bands in the country. Results for that are expected later in the spring. On top of all that Sr. Jazz Band recorded 10 tracks and will be releasing an album after Spring Break. The amount this group accomplished in 21 schools days is nothing short of remarkable and everyone involved should feel a great sense of pride.

Hoodie Order:
Students and families have an opportunity to order a Graham Music hoodie. Hoodies will have the GWG Music logo on the front and customization on the sleeve (typically students choose to use there name or instrument). Hoodies will be available in navy blue with white screening or light grey with navy blue screening and cost $50.
Order forms are available outside the music room and are due by 3:00 pm on Wednesday, March 10th.

– Monkman

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