2021 Fall Coffee Fundraiser

We are doing our first coffee fundraiser of the year (2nd to come in January). Global Coffee is based in Maple Ridge and offers 1 lb bags of fresh-roasted (the coffee isn’t roasted until I place the order and then is delivered promptly to the school) ground or whole-bean coffee. Each bag is $15 and $5 of that goes directly into the students fundraising account.

How it works:
   Traditional method (same as years past):

  • You can pick up an order form from Mr. Monkman, students collect the money and orders and then fill out the form for their customers. The form is then brought into Mr. Monkman no later than 3:00 pm, Nov. 17th.
  • Coffee is roasted and delivered to the school, Mr. Monkman sorts the coffee and it’s picked up by students to be taken to their customers.


  • Students and families can access an online store at: https://globalcoffeefundraising.ca/gwmusic/ and share it with their customers.
  • Customers can order coffee and pay online, during the ordering process customers can select what student they would like the profits to go towards.
  • Customers can have the coffee shipped to the school for the student to pick up (no additional cost) or choose to have the coffee shipped directly to them (they will be responsible for the shipping costs).

Music Fundraising at GW Graham:
No student is obligated to fundraise as a member of Graham music. When you participate in individual fundraising activities, the amount you earn is kept in the Music Account in your name.  If you choose not to raise funds then you are responsible for the full cost of the music tour. Proceeds raised from fundraising can go towards any music-related activity or item.

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