MusicFest! MusicFest! MusicFest!

It’s almost here! Less then a week until we depart for Toronto and MusicFest Canada. Congratulations to all the students who performed at the Kiwanis Fraser Valley Music Festival, both groups earned GOLD and gained some valuable feedback before our performance at The Nationals.

Below is some important information for everyone to go through before we depart. A finalized itinerary has been sent home, please check your email or your parents email. Students will recieve their copy Wednesday morning (at 3:15 am!)

The tour includes breakfast daily. Have enough money to purchase 5 lunches and 4 dinners. Also as noted in the itinerary, no meals are included on the flights. In-flight meals may be purchased with a credit card but not cash. A stash of food in your carry on may be preferable.
We will be doing a lot of walking so bring comfortable shoes and dress in layers. Bring a small umbrella that you can keep in your backpack or purse. Ensure that all luggage is labeled with a luggage tag. Do not forget your band uniform! All black for Jazz Band and Black/Blue for Concert Band. We have fragile stickers for instruments and have suggested to students that they get a strap to go around their instrument case as the latches are not always reliable. Also, each student will have the cost of one checked bag included
Live Streaming:
MusicFest is offering live streaming of all performances for the first time every. Parents and family members can go to: to find the link to our Live Stream. Jazz Band performs on Stage A at 10:30 am EST and Concert Band performs at 3:30 pm EST on Stage B. Both performances on are Thursday, May 17th.
After our performance we will be getting a group photo. For students wishing to order a photo please go to and print off an order form. Bring the completed order form with you. Photos are $22 and are printed on site. Having a the form filled out ahead of time will expedite the process.
Any student travelling with Ellison Tours is ellegiable for scholarships, go to for more information.
Insurance Policy:
It’s going to be an exciting trip!


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