January Music Notes

Good afternoon,
I hope everyone had a restful winter break and has dug themselves out of the snow. As we wrap up first semester there are a few things all students and parents need to know:

Idaho Tour: The final payment for our trip to Idaho is due on January 24th. Parents and students can expect an email this weekend listing the amount paid so far, the amount in their child’s fundraising account and the final amount due. Parents who would like to pay online or at the office must email Mr. Monkman to have that fee put onto their child’s account. Please do no just go to the office to pay!

Assessment Week: Next week is assessment week for all students and this year there is a slightly new format. All classes are in session that week but are schedule as double blocks (2.5 hours long) and students are expected to be in class for their rehearsals. Because of the recent snow-days all out-of-timetable classes will also be running during assessment week and students are expected to be in class. Groups will rehearse as follows:

Sr. Winds: Monday, 8:30 am – 11:00 am
Jr. Concert Band: Tuesday, 12:08 pm – 2:38 pm
Sr. Jazz Band: Wednesday, 12:08 pm – 2:38 pm
Jr Jazz Band, Pep Band, VOX: All running during their regularly scheduled times.

– Monkman

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