End of year

Thank you to everyone for an incredible successful 2016-17 school year! Just a few items of note to wrap up the year.

If you are taking a music course in 2017-18:

-do not return you instrument to Long and McQuade.

-pick up music from Mr. Monkman or Ms. Taylor on Thursday, June 29th.

-practice, practice, practice over the summer. You are expected to know the music when classes start in the fall.
If you are not taking a music course in 2017-18:

-return your instrument to Long and McQuade and they will close out your contract.

-instruments left in the music room are not secure and will not be returned to the store for you.
Have a relaxing summer! Please keep an eye on our website over the summer as recordings of music will be added, new pages will be designed and the dates for the 2017-18 school year will soon be posted.

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